Restat is truly independent. No pharmacy or mail order service. No warehouse of pills to peddle. No competing agenda.

Our goals are your goals. Whether you're a self-funded employer, a managed healthcare organization, or something in between, you can rely on us for a benefits plan designed to serve your needs, not some silent partner's.

Being the largest privately held benefits manager gives us the resources to offer everything from traditional plans to collaborative new approaches like Align. Being fiercely independent gives us the freedom to work for you and you alone in whatever solution we come up with.

Restat Services Overview

  • Flexible Benefit Plans to fit your unique needs and goals, created collaboratively by you and us
  • Prescription Claims Processing for self-funded employers, managed healthcare plans, workers' compensation plans, HMOs, insurance companies, Medicaid, government plans, and Unions
  • Nationwide Provider Network of more than 64,000 participating pharmacies — independents and national chains — with no ownership ties to Restat
  • Mail Order and Specialty Pharmacy Services via a national provider network with no Restat ownership ties

Access Restat's Reportal online reporting system.

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A simple, fee-based plan in which pharmacies compete to provide cost savings and added value for you and your employees.